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27. Film Review: Uncle Tom

This film is dangerous. So dangerous that Amazon initially refused to allow it online. Why? It’s a Black film made by Blacks. Even the Academy awards would not consider it for nomination in its Documentary category. And the Academy complains all the time about not having enough Black representation. So what’s so wrong with it? Ahh, it’s a Black Film made by Black Conservatives. And they share their stories and their view of American history. All those who cry for diversity do not really want diversity of thought, but only diversity of appearance and skin color . . . and only if you are liberal. Uncle Tom’s crime is diversity of intellect.

The media won’t talk about it. “Uncle Tom” is blacklisted, no pun intended. So what’s so dangerous or contagious. Allow me to share, and for the record I am not even Black, because at the very beginning they make one thing very clear. This is not a Black film. They are not Blacks. They are Americans, who also happen to be Black. And they are Conservatives, who by accident of birth are Black.

Entrepreneurs, authors, media personalities and politicians share their stories and perspective of US History. They have all been branded Uncle Toms at one time or another. This derogatory term is a synonym for “selling out,” being a “house Negro” (substitute the N . . word), or embracing white culture. But the slang “Uncle Tom” is really being used to denigrate any Black who rejects victim status, or believes in hard work, accountability, and self reliance. And of course if you are a Black Republican you are a traitor to your race. Because you are obviously not Black enough?

And the voices in this film refuse to accept the cultural icons for what’s Black: rappers, professional athletes in the NBA or NFL, drug dealers or worse yet, they refuse to be trapped on a modern plantation of government dependency. And even worse than that, they refuse to blame other races, especially white people, for their station in life. They actually stand for freedom and embrace the idea that they are masters of their own destiny.

While many on the Left promote cancelling our history, covering up murals or destroying statues of George Wasington because of a connection to slave history, these Uncle Toms remind us of another part of history that has also been covered up, if not erased. The fabrication of Jim Crow Laws and organizing of the KKK were all instigated by the Democratic Party to intimidate former slaves and gain political power. Not one Democrat voted for the 14th Amendment to give citizenship to freed slaves. Not one Democrat voted for the 15th Amendment giving voting rights to freed slaves. Zero percentage! While Republicans voted 94-100% for these amendments. It was a Republican President, Lincoln, who pressed for the abolition of slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation. Yet Democrats brand Republicans as racist!

But you’re probably saying, that was over 150 years ago. That’s not the Democratic Party of today. Fair enough. The tables have turned. But have they? Let’s go to the 1964 Civil Rights Bill where Albert Gore, Sr., William Fulbright and Robert Byrd, all Democrats, led an 83-day filibuster against it, unsuccessfully. But all this is ancient history and not the main premise of these Uncle Toms.

Their main accusation against the Democratic Party is how it destroyed Black families in the false name of “caring for the poor.” Before the 1930’s Blacks were Republicans for all of the preceding reasons. Thank you, Abraham Lincoln. In the 1930’s Blacks had the highest marriage rate of any social group. Between 1940 and 1960 the Black population below the poverty level went down from 87% to 47%. A 40% decrease in poverty. But in the mid 1960’s Lyndon Johnson, a Roosevelt prodigy, championed the War on Poverty, entrenching the welfare state even further from the seeds sown by FDR in the 30’s.

What were the results of this compassionate War of Poverty? In the early 1960’s, 85% of Black families were raised with both a mother and father at home. Johnson’s War on Poverty increased the welfare state by separating work from income. Men became redundant, unnecessary. A strong man in the household could make you ineligible for welfare. Rules were relaxed while the nuclear family was branded Euro-centric and racist. Out of wedlock births jumped from 25% to 70%. Separating work from income was a neutron bomb dropped on the Black community. Increasingly, “fatherlessness” became more dangerous than institutional or generational racism. The message was that government can fix all your problems and even raise your family. Women married the government (dependency) while men abandoned marriage and financial responsibility. And it created a victim class dependent on the Democratic Party to care for it.

Where does “fatherlessness” lead us today? More Blacks murder other Blacks in one year than the KKK killed in 70 years. 93% of Black homicides are committed by other Blacks, but the media will not allow us to remember their names because these inconvenient truths do not fit their narrative that this breakdown of society is caused by white supremacy. In fact, the dysfunction and disintegration of major cities like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore is caused by Liberal Supremacy of decades of Democratic Party leadership in those cities promising to take care of the Black community.

More inconvenience! 77% of Planned Parenthood is in inner cities. Margaret Sanger, its founder, believed eugenics was the solution to raising kids in undesirable conditions by degenerate parents. 52% of all Black pregnancies are aborted. Since 1973, there has been twenty million Black abortions. Of course Planned Parenthood offers some needed health care. But it also offers much more than that.

More inconvenience? Many Blacks are waking up to the realization that their vote has been taken for granted by the Democratic Party. They are no longer a monolithic block, all thinking the same. They may no longer feed at the table of anger and outrage that they have been forced to accept. And many also realize that the immigration crisis at the border is the Democratic Party’s policy to recruit a new underclass of victims that will become a permanent voting block. Blacks are being traded in for illegal immigrants. The Democratic Party is hedging its bets.

And the Republicans. They have shamefully accepted this belief of a Black monolithic Democratic voting block and have not had the courage to present conservative ideas as improving the lives of Blacks, as well as every American. They have failed. Until President Trump. He has done more for Black employment and education than any other president. And not because he is pro-Black. He is pro-American, and his policies of pro-growth, pro-business, pro-minority worked across the board for everyone.

But don’t call me racist for pointing out these facts. Blame all the Blacks who independently think for themselves in this film and are leaving the Democratic Party Plantation. Call them Uncle Toms and traitors to their race, but they don’t care what names you call them. They don’t care about the color of their skin. They care about the integrity of their own intellect. Martin Luther King, Jr. was called an Uncle Tom. Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass would be considered Uncle Toms. So they are in good company.

But be warned, they are dangerous. And this movie is dangerous. So watch it twice.


Uncle Tom is a 2020 documentary shot in black and white. 106 min.

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