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Sacred Space


I’m sitting

In my garden

Lush green, water bubbling

Yellow finches and hummingbirds

Darting between splashing baths

Teasing and playing “king of the fountain.”


So with our lives

All the green in the world feels missing

Without friends and family flying around us

Supporting, challenging

Our fount of knowledge,

Our pool of love.


Our personal success is not the goal

It is a garden that attracts life

Nourishes and supports those around us

Growing and enjoying our shared space.


So it was with our own birth garden

Bathed by those before us

Loved by those taller than us

Guided by those deeper than us.


Now it’s our turn!


Shoreline Reflections

Fronds unfurl on rocks

A warm welcome to the Sun

Palm Sunday, low tide.

Two lone fishermen

Wrestling the surf hand o’er hand

Tug-of-war with nets.

There is always one

Standing alone, water’s edge

Stubborn as a rock!

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