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  • Jerome Kocher

#11. America is Divided. . . MLK vs. BLM

The City of San Francisco is suing its own school district. Why? Instead of having a plan to re-open its schools, the School Board is busy renaming forty-four empty schools that have the stain of racism in their titles. What qualifies as racist. The names of Washington, Lincoln, even Diane Feinstein need to be removed from education.

In Southern California San Diego Unified mandates teachers attend Critical Race Theory re-education programs. Teachers are told they live on stolen property from Native Americans. They need to admit they themselves are racist and are the murderers of the spirits of Black children. And shut up! Any denial is proof of your guilt and privilege. Does this sound wrong? It’s actually OK, because it is only said to white teachers.

Critical Race Theory, simply put, is an attack on the values of Western Civilization. Believe it or not, they believe that Logic is racist. Punctuality is racist. Meritocracy is racist. The Founding documents of the United States are racist. Even Math. What do they have in common. They all support a European-centric idea of White Supremacy and that despite all the progress we have achieved to make us the most desired destination of opportunity for millions of immigrants worldwide, the U.S. is still a systemic racist country. Wrong!

Yes, America is divided, but not as a Democrat or Republican, a Blue or Red state. It is divided by the core principles between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black Lives Matter.

Dr. King envisioned the day when Americans would not be judged nor categorized according to their immutable characteristics like pigmentation, but be accepted for the merit of their character and behavior. The Civil Rights Movement under King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was led by ministers, faith based, where their churches were the logistical network for organizing. King was successful because he sought assimilation and the common humanity between races. Yes, the Civil Rights Movement derived not only from Christianity, but from a European philosophy of Enlightenment.

Opposite King, Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory believe in dividing Americans into “racial identities” that are on a global collision course of oppression. They do not acknowledge the progress we have made as a country, as a society. Is there racism? Yes. Is America systemically racist? No!

King saw the future when we wouldn’t notice color, but character instead. BLM sees everything through the lens of racial oppression. One is color blind. The other thinks that being color blind is racist. When asked what he wanted, King would probably say to build up America to its ever-guiding promise. If asked the same question, BLM and Critical Race Theory proponents would say they want to tear down and destroy the lies and myths of America with no idea what a resulting society would look like that is divided along racial trenches.

King’s goal would be to not have to talk about race. BLM’s solution to racism is more racism. That’s all they talk about. Morgan Freeman said it best in an interview when he said he had the solution to ending racism. “Stop talking about it!” He reminded everyone that the days of his Jim Crow youth and the hard fought achievements today for equality and acceptance are light years apart.

America is Divided. Between the meritocracy and color blindness of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the incessant drumbeat of a false narrative by BLM and Critical Race Theory that America is inherently and systemically racist.

One builds. The other destroys. America is divided.

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