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#16. Curt Schilling and the Baseball Hall of Fame

Curt Schilling was denied entrance into the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers Association of America in the January 2021 Hall of Fame voting. Three World Series Rings and arguably one of the best clutch pitchers of his generation is not good enough when being judged by the politically correct sports journalists of today. For the first time since 1960, no player advanced to the Hall of Fame on the 2021 ballot.

It’s complicated by the presence of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens on the ballot because of their ties to steroids and the PED generation of players (Performance Enhancing Drugs). But Schilling is not shadowed by that accusation. He is guilty of only one crime: free speech.

It started with the criticism of his support for George W. Bush in the early 2000’s. And now he’s subjected to a Salem Witch Trial by Baseball Writers for his controversial political statements in retirement and his support of Donald Trump. In the Baseball Writer's mind, the “character clause” in the Hall of Fame guidelines doesn’t just mean criminal or violent acts, or immoral behavior or even cheating. Now it means anyone who disagrees with their political bias. And what has this to do with performance on the field? In October? Nothing. But they are the gatekeepers.

So not surprisingly, Schilling refuses to play their game of ‘witch hunt.’ He has requested his name be taken off the writers’ ballot all together. He has withdrawn his candidacy from the Writers Association ballot for next January 2022. Players have a window of ten year eligibility after retirement and this was Schilling’s ninth year. Next year would be his last to be considered by the Writers. But he is not asking for their approval anymore. Instead, he is asking a commission of player veterans to instate him into the Hall of Fame, which is an alternate route to induction into the Hall.

Schilling should be considered on the merits of his on field performance, not his political comments in retirement. To his credit he is willing to take his chances with the veterans who have really played the game at its highest level, and not with some ivy league academic journalists who are offended by political disagreement.

If Curt Schilling is known to true baseball fans for his “bleeding sock” in the World Series, now he will hopefully have another legacy, the recognition by other veteran players into the Hall of Fame based on merit. Unlike other members of questionable character already in the Hall of Fame, Schilling defends himself in his own words . . .

“I’ve never hit a woman, driven drunk, done drugs, PEDs or otherwise, assaulted anyone or committed any sort of crime. But I’m now somehow in a conversation with two men who cheated, and instead of being accountable they chose to destroy others’ lives to protect their lie. I will always have one thing they will forever chase. A legacy.”

Well said. But free speech is what has kept him out of the Hall. Say it ain’t so!

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