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  • Jerome Kocher

#2. Two Days Later. How Empty.

The event of January 20th can only be described as empty. Empty was Washington, D.C. of any enthusiasm or any people coming from across our nation to celebrate a new beginning. Empty of a spoken vision and new policies for America, traditionally reserved for the inaugural speech. Instead, 26,000 troops guarded the city against a non-existent threat of civil discord, five times the presence of the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Instead, walls of barbed wire were efficiently erected to keep citizens out. How convenient to mask the potential embarrassment that maybe only a very few would show up to express a loving bond to a new president.

In stark contrast, the NY Times purged and fired staff for allowing an editorial last summer entitled “Time to Send in the Troops” to stop the threat of our cities burning and being destroyed by actual violence. In stark contrast is the coming policy of defunding or even deconstructing a wall on our Southern border to protect against actual home invasion of our country with drugs or otherwise.

Instead, the Inauguration was a television production more similar to China or North Korea with politicians on stage surrounded by thousands of flags, thousands more of military presence . . . and no citizens. How convenient . . . to use the threat of insurrection. Even more sinister to use the excuse of a virus . . . to shut down not just Washington, but America, with lockdowns that have destroyed the economy, small business, educational years of our youth, the livelihoods of millions of families and the mental health of our population. How convenient. How empty of actual common sense.

Instead, we get a speech promising to crush domestic dissent as if it was equivalent to ISIS. Of course, the “doublethink” rhetoric called it domestic terrorism. And who decides what is dissent and what is terror? On Inauguration Day, Portland was rocked by Antifa burning and destroying buildings. . . again. This is a monster unleashed and coddled by Democrat controlled cities that is now eating its own. Will they be identified? Or will Conservatives be blamed, shamed and banned from the public square? How convenient?

And the promise of Unity. How empty!

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