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  • Jerome Kocher

#8. War on Women.

One of the most frustrating parts of the political divide is that almost everything the Left condemns, they themselves are guilty of. For example, The Democratic Party prides itself on being a champion of women’s rights. But one of Biden’s first executive orders is that people who self identify as transgender have the right to not only choose which bathroom to use by invading others’ privacy, but biologically born males can compete “against” biological females. He sees this as a civil rights issue and deems it illegal to discriminate against transgender athletes.

On the surface this sounds good (the road to hell is paved with good intentions) but in reality it is devastating to women’s sports in high school and college. It ignores the scientific fact that male bodies with testosterone have more muscle mass, bigger lung capacity, and more strength than female bodies. So in the realm of track and field the best women will be beaten almost every time by biological males. It ignores the practical wisdom of why many sports have been separated to begin with. . . to provide a fair playing field.

But in the social justice arena all that is negated in a false sense of trying to give acceptance to transgender athletes. It’s like using a sledgehammer in order to make sure you hit a finishing nail in the molding. You destroy the wall, the floor, not to mention the very molding you want to install. It’s an over compensation to a legitimate concern.

Not only do female athletes lose the competition, they lose the scholarships and sense of achievement that carries them forward in their life and career. It teaches them that they cannot compete against men, that they are the inferior of the sexes. And men set the rules, again. Isn’t this what we’ve been progressively trying to improve and fight against. The 1972 legislation of Title IX was instituted to bring some equity between women’s and men’s sports in schools. But all that is being destroyed . . . in the name of social justice.

But it gets worse in the war against women. Forget sports. Transgender “wokeness” on the high school level promotes and encourages girls to come out as transgender. Schools facilitate clinical visits by girls for puberty blockers and hormone treatments to eradicate their feminine appearance and be more male if they “wish” to. And doctors are not allowed to challenge these decisions. The medical professionals have been told that in every other health capacity you have the skills to diagnose a situation, but as to gender preference, the diagnosis is totally left up to the patient. Even to the extent of changing sex designations on birth certificates. What betrays this madness, is that groups of girls (friends and peers) are coming out together to reap the rewards of praise in social media and in public for how courageous they are. Ask any legitimate transgender person and they will tell you they were aware of their personal struggle at a much earlier age and it was an individual challenge, not a group decision based on peer pressure and social media kudos.

And it gets worse. Teenage girls having “top surgery” (removal of breasts) in order to rid themselves of an inferior female shape and to appear more like the gender they would “like to be.” And in schools, parents are considered the bullies and bigots if they question their daughters’ decisions. The teenage years are a coming of age to discover personal identity. It’s normal to be confused or even lonely. But it’s not normal to take advantage of this emotional struggle by altering biology with hormone blockers and surgery that is irreversible, when years later in the early 20’s a young woman realizes she is now infertile and it was all a mistake.

It’s often said the frontal lobe for executive decision making is not fully developed in teens. Decisions are not always the most mature. But most of the time teen mistakes can lead to discovery and maturity. But in this case they can lead to a crippled and destroyed future. And when the adults are co-conspirators, then it is criminal.

If you truly want top surgery, then consider lobotomy. That was also really popular in the 1800’s until they realized . . . it too was a mistake.

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