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  • Jerome Kocher

#13. My Privilege

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It is the policy of re-education seminars like those in San Diego Unified School District to demand all White participants to recant the advantages in their life that gave them unfair and thereby unjust privileges over others.

If I am honest, I admit to these advantages:

- I had a very loving mother and father.

- I grew up on a chicken ranch on which I had to work after school, instead of living in a city.

- Because my parents were only able to go as far as 8th grade, I was expected to go further.

- Growing up in a religious family, I learned to be devout and respectful. Rebellion came later.

- At age 24 I went to Europe with only $200 and stayed 5 years by working on my own.

- I had to pay all of my own college and paid off my last student loan when I was in my 60’s.

- At age 50 I started all over again going back to night school to become a teacher.

- For 20 years I was blessed to work in the Sweetwater High School District until age 70.

- After retiring at 70, I live and own a home in Mexico because I would not be able to

afford one in the US.

I consider all of these challenges the actual advantages that made my life better. To those of you who were hoping for the story of a victim or someone spoiled with an easy path, I may disappoint you. But you’ll get over it. I did!

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