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Art and Creating are the Lifestream of a Healthy Spirit.

I have always had the need for artistic expression whether it was public performance through school or community theater, travel photography or inwardly reflecting, putting pen and thought to paper. Vocationally it manifested for me as a television producer in Northern California and more recently as a high school teacher in SoCal. It's all theater, whether proscenium stage, a camera viewfinder, a backlit computer screen, or a classroom of students.

But a creative anchor through all this has been the pleasure of silently crafting words on a blank canvas of paper with the fulfillment of painting an image that is not just personal but hopefully universal. I return to the blank page, now reincarnated as a blog, to cleanse my thoughts. With today's upheaval on so many levels from the isolation of the pandemic to the fear mongering of politics, our world is being torn asunder. We are drowning in a daily deluge of information. It's a perfect storm to desensitize and divide us. 

Each of us must find a voice whether outwardly expressed or inwardly thought. Each of us must find our own personal way to keep balanced. For me, that voice is this blog. Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest and did anyone hear it, my attitude is that you must let your thoughts fall, regardless if no one is listening or reading. The very act of articulating and digesting your inner thoughts and feelings is miracle enough. It can be a saving grace. 

So this simple website and blog is a forest floor. I empty myself out. If it takes several lifetimes for ideas to sprout or if it needs a forest fire to clean the underbrush, so be it. All I can do is fall . . . on my own words and thoughts. And that makes all the difference in the world.

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