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Circle of Seven

In the midst of the pandemic and political fallout I felt isolated, probably like most everyone else. By nature I am a very private person and easily entertained by my own company. But I realized I needed to reach out and create a foundation of a few friends with whom I could have a rational conversation with  . . . about anything. So I renewed "seven friendships" from the East coast to the West. One went back 50 years ago when I was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. One went back to Berlin, one of my favorite cities. Others went back several years and included colleagues with whom I worked as a high school Social Science teacher.

But it wasn't about politics. We could just talk and felt someone listened, a little less isolated, a little more connected to something bigger. If politics came up we could cordially differ if needed, and at other times just rant together. Or better yet, spar over sports, books we've read, or goals we have set. 

And the "Circle of Seven" needed to be outside of family and blood. They needed to be a new family created out of common interests and respect for each other. A year ago I didn't have this, but now I do and it's growing. There will be circles within circles. but like a garden, they need to be cultivated and watered. I am not saying anything original here. It is basic to human life. 

And it's fun and refreshing! I highly recommend it!

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