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#14. Tom Brady.

I watched the Super Bowl, not to see the NFL, but to see Tom Brady. And I was not disappointed. But I am not here to praise Tom. No! Instead let me share the words from a Brady hater who is much more effective than I could be.

Nick Wright filled in for Colin Cowherd on “The Herd” radio show on the Monday after the Super Bowl. Nick was very up-front and honest about the fact that he “lost” a lot of money, a lot of money, on eleven different wagers, obviously expecting the Chiefs to reign supreme. And historically, he is no fan of Tom Brady. Does not like him. And liked even less the depressing feeling of being an emotional and financial disaster after the game.

But to Nick’s credit he evaluated Brady’s accomplishment in a very unique way by breaking down Brady’s 21 years in the NFL into three careers: the first seven years, the second seven years and the third seven years. In each of those careers he compares Brady to Troy Aikman, Dan Marino and Joe Montana. The Mount Rushmore Football Hall of Fame.

First Seven Years: Even though Brady did not put up great stats, he was the best clutch player and won three Super Bowls, same as Troy Aikman’s final total.

Second Seven Years: Brady broke many of Dan Marino’s quarterback records. Brady also had more Division Title wins, more Regular Season MVPs. Marino went only once to the Super Bowl, losing to Joe Montana’s 49er’s. Brady went twice, losing both times to the NY Giants.

Third Seven Years: Brady matched Joe Montana’s total of four Super Bowl rings. Joe had four appearances, Brady went five times to the Super Bowl. Both went to other teams at the end of their career. Montana to the Chiefs. Brady to the Buccaneers. But Brady won his last Super Bowl with this new team. Joe did not.

Each one of Brady’s seven year career runs would put him in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. And he did it three times, equaling if not out performing three of the greatest Hall of Fame quarterbacks, ever.

With Brady’s seven Super Bowl wins in ten appearances he has more Super Bowl wins than any NFL franchise.

This objective analysis was brought to you by a Brady hater, Nick Wright. He may have lost his shirt last Sunday betting against Brady, but he did not lose his soul. He gives credit where credit is due. A rare feat these days for journalism.

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